About us

TLC Beau-tox runs award winning Aesthetic Clinics In Leicestershire, Bedfordshire and Swansea. TLC was establishes in 2011 by Tracey Zanjani and Clare Allen. Tracey and Clare are both Registered Nurses and Independent Prescribers. They each have over 30 years experience working within the NHS & Private Sector. Their backgrounds include clinical settings such as ITU, Cardiac Care and General Practice. They have both also worked extensively providing clinical training and education. They have both delivered training on Coventry Universities Aesthetics Degree Course.  In 2016 Tracey & Clare were joined by Stephanie Long. Stephanie is also an experienced Registered Nurse with a background in Gynaecology, Surgery and General Practice, she is currently studying to become an Independent Prescriber.

Tracey, Clare & Stephanie believe that maintaining a high level of clinical expertise is essential when delivering Aesthetic Treatments. They have trained extensively and widely alongside world leaders in the field of Aesthetics enabling them to develop a wealth of knowledge and expertise. They ensure that their knowledge is kept up to date by regularly attending Conferences, Seminars and Advance Training Courses.

The treatments offered include Wrinkle Relaxing Injections (Botox), Dermal Fillers, Profhilo, Chemcal Peels. Plasma Treatment and Fat Dissolving Injections.  also offer skin care advice and Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments. TLC offers a free consultation where your concerns can be discussed and a treatment plant developed.

TLC Beau-tox prides itself on its professional and ethical approach. Our aim is to deliver high quality treatments at affordable prices.