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Staying safe when having cosmetic procedures

How to stay safe when having cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic procedures such as Botox and Dermal Filler treatments are become much more popular than ever before.  As qualified Nurses and Advanced Aesthetic Practitioners we are seeing more and more examplies of poor practice and botched procedures. In particular there has been a massive increase in the number of beauticians offering treatments, often at very reduced prices. These practitioners have no medical training and are unable to manage complications, they often offer treatments after just one days training. Our advice is to research your practitioner, choose them not on price but on whether they are an experienced health care professional. Here are some tips to ensure you stay safe:

Choosing the practitioner
  • Always choose a health care professional; a Registered Nurse, Doctor or Dentist and ensure that they have completed appropriate training in the procedure to be undertaken and have insurance
  • Ask to see a copy of their qualifications and insurance
  • Ensure that you have had a thorough consultation which assesses your needs and takes your medical history into account
  • Make sure that you have adaquate information about the procedure and are given time to make your decision
  • Ask to look at their before and after pictures
  • Does the practitioner offer a review appointment?
Questions to ask at your consultation
  • What is the treatment, procedure or product?
  • How does it work?
  • What are the risks associated with the treatment and are there any side effects?
  • Are there an alternative treatments available?
  • What results can I expect and how long will they last?
  • How many treatments will I need to acheive the desired effect?
  • Is there any downtime? What will I look like like immediately after the treatment?
  • Is the practitioner able to treat any complications?
  • Is the procedure painful? How is pain minimised?
  • What happens if I am not happy with the treatment?
  • Is there any aftercare I need to adhere to?
  • What is the cost and what are the payment terms?
Stay safe
  • Don't proceed with the treatment if you do not feel comfortable with the practitioner
  • Don't proceed if you do not understand the information provided
  • Take your time to consider your options and make your decision
  • Ask the practitioner to show you the product in it's unopened packaging before the treatment
  • Make a note of the practitioners name and the name of the product for future reference
  • Do not have treatments in an environment which is not clean or seems inappropriate or at a party or exhibition


Brand New Peel System

New Peel System - Cosmo Peel Forte

New Year, New Skin, New You!
refresh, reniew and rejuvenate your skin with our new chemical peel system

TLC Beau-tox is very happy to announce that we are one of the first clinics in the UK to offer the new Dermaceutic 30% TCA Peel. An effective peel that can only be used by health care professionals.

What is a Chemical Peel?
A chemical peel accelerates our natural exfoliation process by stimulating the turnover of new skin cells. The body produces new skin cells so refreshing, reniewing and rejuvenating our skin.

Which areas can be treated?
Chemical peels can be used on many areas including the face, neck, decollatage, hands and on the back.

What does a peel treat?
  • Acne Prone Skin
    • Improves the appearance and feel of oily skin
    • Improves the appearance of mild scarring
  • Premature Skin Aging
    • A reduction in fine lines
    • Improved appearance of sun damaged or smokers skin
  • Pigmentation
    • reduces or even eradicates the appearance of sun spots and other areas of hyperpigmentation
Why choose a Cosmo Peel Forte?
  • A stronger peel than previously available (30% TCA), therefore is more effective
  • Contains Phenol which improves comfort
  • Ease of use, only 2 peels are needed, 6 weeks apart
Price of Cosmo Peel Fore
  • 1st Peel + Dermaceutic Post Treatment Cream (SPF50) - £150
  • 2nd Peel - £125
  • Add a Dermaceutic Foaming Glycolic Face Wash for an additional £30
How to book?
  • For Leicestershire contact Tracey 07531 989 554
  • For Bedfordshire contact Clare 07855 609 674

How We Achieve A Natural Lip Enhancement
How We Achieve A Natural Lip Enhancement

Over the past couple of years or so lip enhancement procedures have become one of the most popular aesthetic treatments.  They are especially sought after by younger women driven by celebrity and fashion icons such as Kylie Jenner. However they are also popular with slightly older ladies who want to improve definition in their lips.

As an aesthetic practitioner I have seen many examples of poorly executed lip enhancement.  To acheive an aesthetically pleasing, natural looking result there are some very basic anatomical rules we must adhere to:

The lip ratio:  The lower lip must always be bigger than the top lip.  In fact there is a very strict ratio - the bottom lip must remain 1:6 times bigger than the top lip.  When this ratio is altered so that the top becomes bigger than the bottom then the overall look becomes un-natural.
Nose to upper lip distance:  The distance from the tip of the nose to the upper lip should be approximately 18-20mm and the distance from the lower lip to the chin 36-40mm.  Over inflating the lips with filler will distort this ratio, again giving an un-natural or even bizzare appearance.
Avoid a duck face!:  The appearance of the face in profile is often overlooked when performing lip enhancement.  If we draw an imaginary line from the tip of the nose to the chin (Steiners Line) the lips should naturally sit behind the line.  The lips can be augmented so that they sit on this line but if they protrude beyond it there will be an un-natural 'duck like' look.

Acheiving good lip definition:  When undertaking lip enhancement it is as important to maintain or enhance the shape of the lip with a well defined cupids bow as it is to add volume to the lips.  Overfilling of the lips can distort their appearance giving a strange, 'sauasage lip' look.  In older ppeople lip definition is often lost and so filling the vermillion border (the tube running all around the outside of the lips) becomes even more important, replacing lost definition. The look can then be enhanced further by injecting into the body of the lip.

Prevent a down turned mouth:  Nothing ages us more than when the corners of the mouth start to turn downwards.  Reversing this by placing a small amount of filler just under the corners of the mouth (oral commissures) can help to correct this.  We can also use Botox in this area, a small amount injected into the muscles that pull down the corners of the mouth can work wonders.

One of the most important things to remember when choosing a practitioner to undertake your lip enhancement is to ensure they are properly qualified.  Always choose an experienced, medically trained practitioner.

At TLC Beau-tox we offer a free, no obligation consultation where we can discuss your expectations and decide on an individual treatment plan. Contact Tracey or Clare to book your appointment .

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